Yet another change

I know you’re probably sick of seeing different versions of this room by now and are convinced I have some sort of problem for which I should seek help. Maybe you’re right, but I like to think of myself as an interiors Goldilocks. I test things out until I find what’s just right.

The main issue I’ve always had with this room is that it’s a long rectangle, so it’s been tricky to find a furniture set up that doesn’t highlight that semi-annoying feature and make each end of the room feel like an empty no man’s land. Also, one entire wall is made up of windows, so there’s only ever been one spot we could put the TV. I know you’re probably thinking “Just get rid of the TV!” Yeah, we tried that once, and no thanks. The placement of the piano was a bit odd too because it hid some of the built-ins surrounding the fireplace and made that little nook feel slightly cramped. So a few weeks ago when my piano was moved for a thing that was shot in my house, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to change things up. 

Lord knows my husband would have never helped me move that piano, so most likely I would have ended up with a broken back trying to move the damn thing on my own and would have destroyed the floors in the process.

If you followed me on Instagram a long time ago you may remember our TV being above the fireplace. Well, it’s back.

It’s not my favorite spot for a TV, no, but it does get it up out of the way, and I was able to move the sideboard the TV used to sit on into the dining room. So one less piece of furniture in the living room? Yes, please. And now the built-ins are completely visible from the couch, which sits directly in front of them, and the nook doesn’t feel as cramped. The best part is our Christmas tree can fit in that nook now, which has always been my favorite place for it. Let’s be serious, this whole room rearranging was done specifically for the placement of the Christmas tree. I’m kidding. Or am I?

Back in June we went to my friend’s mom’s house in Connecticut, which is basically the prettiest house I’ve ever seen. It’s a super old house with such a good mix of folk artsy, modern and antique design, and I was ready to move in. I adored the armchairs she had in her living room and was ready to sell a child or two when we got home so I could buy them. Instead, I had a lightbulb moment and realized it made much more sense to have my chairs reupholstered in the same fabric. DUH! People have asked me what I think about these chairs – well, here it goes: they’re super sturdy, especially for the price. My kids are really the only ones who sit on them and they’re still intact, which says a lot. So exceptional quality for the price, if you ask me, minus one thing. The fabric. I never loved it. It sort of looked cheap and seemed to have a bit of a sheen to it. New fabric to the rescue! And if you’ve never explored reupholstering something for fear of the cost, definitely check it out. I was so surprised by how cheap it was, but granted there’s not a lot of fabric on these chairs. I’m sure a big couch might be a different story, but still explore the option! I also had them gussied up a bit with piping and buttons. So I got the look of the chairs I loved and was able to keep all of my children. Win!

Yes, this rug is old. Yes, you’re right in thinking this is the third rug I’ve had in this room since the summer. BUT! BUT! BUT! this rug was sitting in my basement. So was the jute rug. So it’s not like I’ve been on a rug shopping spree. Let me explain… I found an amazing antique rug for basically nothing over the summer. I love, love, love that rug, however, it showed every single damn piece of dog hair, which seemed to only multiply after I vacuumed. Like, what? I JUST vacuumed! Where did all this hair come from???! So it was either I vacuum multiple times a day and have nightmares of the multiplying dog hair on the rug, or I simply move it up to the family room where the dogs rarely venture. So I dragged it upstairs and moved the old jute rug back into the living room. I also love jute rugs, but they can start to look really worn and dingy after awhile, and well, I started having nightmares of dirty, dingy jute rugs. I had another lightbulb moment and remembered this rug sitting in the basement. I thought it was worth giving it a shot, figuring it would warm up the space a little bit and add a little interest to the room. To my surprise, I think it works well in the new space with the new chairs. Some may beg to differ.

So the overall result is a bit cozier, I think, and better utilizes the space. You don’t feel like you’re standing in a long hallway with all the furniture pushed up against the walls anymore. I’m still getting used to it, but I like it. I’ll like it even better when that Christmas tree is up by the fireplace. I’m kidding. Or am I?

22 thoughts on “Yet another change

  1. Love this space so much! I’m in love with your house. My living room is also a big rectangle and my husband decided we needed huge reclining couches so it looks ridiculous in here 😭

  2. My first thought was “this looks great but I know she’ll just rearrange everything for Chrsitmas” 😂😂😂 happy to hear you already took that iron account!

  3. Love it.

    And before you even mentioned Christmas trees I was wondering where you were going to put it with the piano moved. Ha!

    Ps…when we bought our house I insisted we pick one with a bay window for Christmas tree purposes. My husband thinks I’m nuts.

  4. Looks great! Love the chairs! You are the style/re-design wizard, Sarah. I’ve loved watching all the changes you’ve made to this space, and somehow they all looked fantastic to me. Must feel good to have the room feeling right and making sense. Hugs!

  5. Have you thought of getting the Samsung frame tv? We just got one for over our fireplace and it has totally fixed my “TV over the fireplace” dilemma.

  6. The chairs look perfect, especially with the rug! Where did you get the chairs you re-upholstered? I’ve considered re-upholstering before but have always been scared away by people telling me it’s not affordable. Definitely going to look more into it now! The room looks beautiful ❤️

    1. It was super affordable! I was so surprised! And this is coming from someone who is pretty cheap. Ha! I got them done at a place called Mendez Upholstery.

  7. I adore your house and your constant rearranging! I don’t have one friend who moves furniture like it do, I could use you here in Connecticut!!!!;)

  8. I’m obsessed with the chairs from Schoolhouse Electric and equally obsessed with yours, especially considering you got the vibe with a cheaper price tag! Do you mind sharing where you got the fabric? Was it from the upholsterer?
    Also, I have a similarly awkward rectangle shaped living room and it’s SO frustrating from a decorating and functionality standpoint. I don’t have a playroom, so it has to have kids stuff in it, plus be the TV/relax room. But my fireplace is on the long wall, so the couch being across from it and having the TV on the mantle makes for an awkward neck angle. We’ve tried so many different combinations of set ups and I still don’t think I have it right! 😖

  9. Since it is an IKEA sofa, can you rebuild it so the chaise is under the windows? Hard to tell from the photos, but would the flow be better?

    1. I was originally going to, but I think this works better because then the chairs wouldn’t be centered in front of the fireplace area – they would have to be moved around more towards the stairs to be centered around the coffee table. If any of that makes any sense?

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