Time to hit the books… again

Quite a few years ago when my oldest was just starting pre-school and I was a nervous wreck about it because good lord all the tears, not to mention that I had to literally drag him out of the van into school two days a week, I read something someone posted about how happy she was that school was starting back up again. She posted a photo of herself literally jumping for joy at the bus stop, and I remember thinking to myself that kind of sucked. At that time I couldn’t comprehend how she could be that happy about her kids leaving her every Monday through Friday, but now, four kids into this whole parenting gig and I get it.

I now know she wasn’t jumping for joy because she didn’t love her kids. I believe she was jumping for joy over the return to normalcy, having her routine back where backpacks would be lined up by the front door every night and kids would be in bed at a decent hour. I believe she was jumping for joy over knowing her kids would be doing important things like LEARNING again. I believe she was jumping for joy because she knew her kids would be spending all day with their friends and would have a hard time declaring I’M BORED! with a straight face when they stepped off the bus. And maybe, just maybe, a little part of her was jumping for joy over the few hours of alone time she would have everyday to take care of mundane tasks and herself. And you know what? All of that is okay. Totally okay.
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